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I have always loved the Renegade approach of Gio & Luke and have attended their Loft Series in DC. My hope for jazz is that our generation begins to cultiva a more enterprise mindset about the internet and our use of technology matures. Many prominent jazz musicians have websites that are horribly obsolete and are not even aggressively pursuing comprehensive internet marketing plans. All other genres are getting better and better at it. I think just accepting that jazz music is fringe music doesn't really always honor the memory of those who work so hard for it to be recognized. Jazz music still has so much to say politically and socially, that the world needs to hear. I thinks its dangerous and sad to limit its message to middle class hipsters. But hopefully one day I will find the proper vehicle to levarage my extensive knowledge about internet marketing and social politics. Until that time, I'll watch, wait and support the Jazz Loft series :)

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