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Dan Coleman

I met the maestro once, at a place called Associated Music Copy on 52nd St. It was one of the last major service bureaus for music copyists left in the USA before it closed up shop in the late 90s. As music notation software was still being beta tested, and as Kinkos and its precursors were staffed by people who couldn't read music, Associated was one of the few places where a composer could trust that an engraving or reproduction job would be done correctly.

There were a couple of other music copy houses still in business around Broadway in the 90s, but Associated had the distinction of making its own music paper (Aztec Brand). I recently shipped all of my unused staff paper to Maria Schneider.

But I digress... I showed up at Associated one afternoon to pick up some scores and parts, and its proprietor Judy introduced me to the only other customer: Frank Foster.

The "Ella and Basie!" album featuring that ebullient rendition of"Shiny Stockings" had saved me from a depressing sophomore year of college, so meeting its composer was a real treat.

jim macnie

love Manhattan Fever. thanks NC.

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