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Paul Sutton

"Thelonious Monk" disgraces his name with his fatuous romanticization of poverty and exploitation. I suspect that the exponents of 'classic jazz', as well as their worthy successors, do not find such conditions as picturesque or ennobling as Mr Monk.

Thelonious Monk

The people who pioneered the great music known as jazz were paid to play arrangements for dancers. After they were finished making their living for the night, they went to after hours places like Minton's and played until the sun rose, every night, for absolutely no money at all. They were happy to get into a situation where they could play for love instead of money. And it was because they were playing for love and not money, for hours every night, relentlessly, that they created some of most utterly sublime music in the history of the world.

It is ironic when the current generation honors its heroes by trying to assimilate their legacy back into the paradigm of blue-collar musical labor that existed before jukeboxes and stereo systems. The people who created jazz wanted to be free. Their epigones want to be rented at the highest rate. That is why, despite the uncanny resemblance in vocabulary, contemporary jazz is as feeble as classic jazz was staggering.


The musicians involved in this petition have responded to this and other press coverage they have received. See their website: winterundeadmusicians.wordpress.com/press

David F

I attended last year's Undead. It was great but I was quite troubled to think how little (if anything) the musicians must have been paid. The promoters should charge what is required to pay the musicians a decent rate and the attendees should expect to pay for the privilege of listening to the performances. The is no excuse for running a festival any other way. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.

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