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Roger Ray Remick

To Nate Chinen; Nate, in regards to your September 2010 40th Anniversary Editorial, I AGREE 100%, Mr. Chinen!! Guys like Peter Hum, I Personally find, to be a RIGHTIOUS PAIN In The ASS!! But so do 90% of the "Blogging/Internet" Generation between the ages of 18 to 30!! You know,...I, will be 57 years old This December 17(And, I DON'T FEEL IT!, I might Add!!),and, as I Get OLDER, I notice, a CURIOUS Phenomenon,and it is that ALL 18 to 25 Year Olds, Think that THEY INVENTED > HIP! < Do you notice that, Nate? To all those BLOGGER'S OUT There in "Internetland' Let me TELL YOU SOMETHING! I saw, in 1973 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, In Santa Monica, California, the ONLY!! Concert Tour that JOHN McLAUGHLIN & CARLOS SANTANA EVER DID TOGETHER, I saw the MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA #2, at ROYCE HALL,UCLA in 1974, WEATHER REPORT, 6 or 7 TIMES in the 1970's!! RETURN To FOREVER, TWICE!! (Also, at GIBSON Ampitheater June 2008, Of Course!)AND, Herbie Hancock and ,BOTH, the MWANDISHI Group AND the HEADHUNTERS!! In 1972 and 1973 at the TROUBADOUR Nightclub in Los Angeles,..O.K.?!! I mean, I saw these "FUSION JAZZ" ACTS,..LIVE!! when they were FRESH and NEW on the Music Scene! All YOU INTERNET SCHMUCKS HAVE, are CD'S and DVD'S, IF THERE ARE ANY! So as NATE CHINEN, said, a LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING, a LITTLE MORE TOLERANCE of OTHER VIEWPOINTS, OTHER than YOUR OWN!, AND a LITTLE MORE COOPERATION, and WE WILL GET ALONG FINE! Because We JAZZ FANS (That's ,ELECTRIC!! AND ACOUSTIC!) > NEED!< to STICK TOGETHER! O.K.?!! Later!

felix contreras

Hey Nate,
FYI your boy Haim Sabam is also part of the investment group that bought Univision Communications. Yes, THAT Univision, the largest Spanish language media company in this country. He's also on the board of directors.

Nate Chinen

Thanks, Tal. I read that piece in the magazine, and couldn't get over Saban's cold acquisition skills (and how much money was actually in the Power Rangers!)

My point here partly does involve cautionary tales, a la Saban's songwriters, Levy and Kaniel. But I'm also talking about creating opportunities, by seeking out partnerships and licensing. Some musicians, like Goldings, are on the case in a big way. Others could be.

Tal Rosenberg

A recent New Yorker article about the Israeli media mogul Haim Saban is relevant to this area of discussion. He made millions off of the rights to theme songs written for children's television programs. His policy was to pay the artists generous sums; but in the long run, they would lose out on the tremendous amounts of money to be made in residuals, for work in which Saban played little part. All artists should remember the importance of copyrighting, regardless of the composition.


Nate Chinen

Now here's my full disclosure about Dan Coleman, which I make explicitly in the column. We know each other from college, though our time there never overlapped. And we're still friendly: when he's in New York, we sometimes meet for coffee or a show.

Look here for more about Coleman. (He also conducted the strings on Brad Mehldau's Highway Rider.) Suffice it to say that publishing isn't his only musical pursuit.

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