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Jazz Music

Barefoot, huh? Very unique but hey, just as long as the performance was good.

jeff harding

i sat once by the bass trombone player at the jazz standard. found him amazing. actually talked to him after the show and a very cool guy. def'ly the best seat in the house, near him!

J.D. Considine

Well, not having heard the prorgam, I'm kinda blathering in the dark here. But from what I recall of seeing the band in Toronto last year, the bass trombone did have a sort of ballast role in the arrangements, providing enough sonic weight to keep all else on an even keel. Some of that is timbre, of course -- the wider bore and bigger bell make most of what the bass trombone plays feel darker and deeper -- but those key notes below E2 seem to add push regardless of whether they're played by a bass trombone or a baritone sax (cf. Tower of Power) or a downtuned guitar. It's like that's where the aural accelerator is, so I'm not surprised Maria Schneider knows when to press it.

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