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"That Afrobeat-inflected “Roc Boys” riff is Whalum’s invention."

Are you sure? Im pretty certain 'Roc Boys' samples The Menahan Street Band's song 'Make The Road By Walking'. Does Whalum collaborate with them?


Matt Merewitz

This is an area of scholarship not widely talked about but I feel very important because it shows that jazz musicians can be "relevant."

One musician I wanted to single out that you failed to mention is Casey Benjamin. Casey is pretty much a whole scene unto himself. Not only is he a remarkable saxophone player but he leads a double life as a singer and uses the vocoder to produce electro R&B love songs. See "Stutz McGee" on Bandcamp for an insight into his own work as a solo artist. And see his varied credits on recordings on All Music Guide.

To my knowledge he is or has been in the touring outfits of Q-Tip, Mos Def, Erykah Badu and has been in Maxwell's backing band at one time (not sure about the gig you saw, Nate). He is also a member of The Experiment band with Hodge, Glasper and Dave.

He should not be overlooked as he is essential to this discussion.

Jon Wertheim

I've done some work on Glasper at Rehearsing the Blues - not many critics have been taking note of his role in the jazz/hip hop/soul overlap - and those that have have been disrespecting it. This was a great article, and thank you.


Jon Wertheim

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