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Wow, you used my video (well, not MINE exactly) of Ethan Iverson playing James p. Nice.

I'm amazed by the jazz scene in New York, how musicians can manage to survive in that environment amazes me. Montreal is a complete hole and I'm convinced that the Jazz Fest has has something to do with it. Like a sponge, it's concentrated all of the city's jazz events into a two week period.

Patrick Jarenwattananon, NPR

I wish New York had more cool clubs for 25-year-olds WITHOUT a lot of money, which is what an awful lot of 25-year-olds in New York are. And what's with the sidelong dig at NPR? If I understand the point of this cross-generational ideal correctly, one could easily sub in "profiled in The New York Times" for "mediated by NPR" ...

Sorry to be all "focus in on two throwaway phrases." I really like this phrase about New York: "As a farm, it's hopeless. As a market, it's still pretty damn good." But other parts just left a puzzling taste in my mouth, you know?

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