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David Adler

Thanks, Nate - some demon possessed me to hyperlink every album title...

I'm also going to have some sort of modest end-of-decade post up very soon.

My top shows: http://bit.ly/8qC0yd

Nate Chinen

That roundup is great, David, and far from rambling. I'm a fan of the "if you liked [X]..." hook. You've got more on the sax-trio wave, too: I don't know how I left off Darius Jones (Hank didn't, thankfully). And counting Redman in the category is a good look.

David Adler

Yep, what you said, Nate, and in the spirit of gate-crashing, here's my somewhat rambling 2009 roundup:


Can we also pls take a moment to give it up for Ben in The Onion? Love that! http://www.avclub.com/newyork/articles/times-critic-ben-ratliff-riffs-on-loving-music-and,36247/


This is SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! OMG!!!

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