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Nicole, expert about cairn terriers

That's a big man! I can't imagine having a sumo fight with him. I'm just the size of his arms.

Jason Parker

This is a beautifully written piece, Nate. I will admit to my gross ignorance of the plight of the native Hawaiians and am thankful for the light you have shed with this post.

Off to go buy the album. ;)

Michael J. West

Well, I thought it was a good question.

Michael J. West

Well stated, and genuinely fascinating. I've been wondering about Hawaiian identity politics for a little while. For example, whether Hawaiian musical tradition automatically comes under the umbrella of "American musical tradition?" I'm still not sure of the answer - but if I read you correctly, the Hawaiian Renaissance and Sovereignty movements were very much a reaction to that kind of assimilation.

Yet, Kamakawiwo`ole was, in effect, assimilating the American music tradition via one of the most beloved songs in the American canon (even if he was adapting it into a personal expression and a cultural protest). Is there a contradiction there?

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