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Dennis Jackson

Mr. Harris's comment nails it.

Ms. Krall's got her own style as a vocalist and to say that she "isn’t at all a bad piano player, in a retrograde fashion" sounds to me like a rather ungenerous slap that seeks to prove how the reviewer remains above it all, regardless of seductively easy she is on the eye.

(Ms. Palin on the other hand, truly does seem limited to her looks and to be relatively lacking in talent and sensibility.)

George W. Harris

If she were an old hag with swollen ankles, and playing the exact music in empty clubs, she'd be an icon. Why be prejudiced against her because she's a babe? It's the Sarah Palin factor: no one wants to see an attractive and capable woman succeed.

Jason Parker

Great review, Nate! I'm happy to see even a hardened veteran like you diggin' on Diana! ;)

I find it ironic that the same folks who are crying about jazz not being accepted by the mainstream are the first to jump all over someone like Diana for not being "authentic" as she sells more albums than any other 10 jazz musicians put together. We can't have it both ways, people!

Any success that Diana has helps us all. Wilson and Hamilton will certainly tell you so! I bet Jeff sold records after Letterman called him out. Why not celebrate that Diana is raising the profile of the music and the musicians?

I think this speaks to a recent post on Peter Hum's great blog Jazzblog.ca. He talks about the "accessibility" of jazz, and why he doesn't like that term. But whether or not the term is apt, I think the concept holds true. Every musician must find a way to make her music accessible to her audience in some way. Diana does it one way. David Murray another.

Let's celebrate ALL musicians who are spreading the jazz gospel!

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