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Phil DiPietro

Saw them here at the Lily-Pad Cambridge, MA last week. That small venue, holding less than a hundred, was sold out/PACKED. Providing this year's Boston "jazz" performance highlight this year, I'd go so far as to say AlasNoAxis is the Radiohead of modern jazz, with Chris Speed as Thom Yorke the singer and Jim Black as both Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, the band's auteurs.

And you're right, Jim Black live does seem like a different beast than on record, unless you turn those record up LOUD!!! Then it all makes even more sense. Kudos to you for content and Black for forging onward.

Jesse Neuman

"Dropped out of the sky" indeed! When the first Alas... album came out, I can honestly say it blew my mind. The first few bas drum hits (which sounded more like wolf barks) are permanently burned in my brain, and when the tempo speeds up at the middle part of "Maybe" I was up off the couch with my fists in the air. Thank god for Jim Black!

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